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General sales conditions

For all deliveries of products and accompanying services apply these Terms and Conditions, unless otherwise agreed in writing form. Product prices are determined in the price list which is valid on the day of delivery. The prices that are indicated while the contract is applicable to the current price list on the date of contracting, unless otherwise specified in writing form. Prices are considered FCO warehouse retailer (imported goods are cleared by customs) and do not include the costs of a special packing or shipping costs from vendor storage to the customer. Value added tax will be charged in accordance with the law. The invoices issued by the vendor are mandatory shown all costs.

 1. Quotations

Quotations (Bids, offers) are determined by these Terms of sale. Different conditions of sale are not eligible, unless they are given in writing by the vendor. The offer does not obligate buyer to purchase as well as vendor to sell. Vendor is not obligated on the basis of offers to make a reservation of the offered goods, except in the case of a given deadline for acceptance of bidding options, ie. advance payment.

The validity of the offer is indicated in each quotation.  If not, the validity of the offer is a maximum 8 days from the date of its issuance. The technical indications are products without obligation, because the technical changes are considered usual. If the sales order contains some conditions that are not equal to the General conditions of sale, the vendor will issue a written offer with their terms of sale and it will be considered as valid.

2. Purchasing terms

Purchase Order is considered as accepted when the dealer confirms in writing an order of the buyer with marked goods, quantity, price, cost and deliveries as well as the customer make advance payment according to payment conditions.

Customer agrees its disagreement with the order confirming in writing and submit no later than within two days, otherwise the vendor believes that the customer has accepted the same and can start with the order realization.

Withdrawal of order can be made on the basis of the customer’s written request but only with the vendor consent, if he already has not delivered the goods to the customer. Dealer reserves the right to charge the actual costs arising due to the buyer’s cancellation of order. For the changing the order customer must request in writing and must be accepted in writing by the vendor. The change of the order vendor will accept with no consequences for the customer when is possible and when such a change does not result in a less favorable position.

 3. Packaging  terms

Vendor delivers all the goods in original packaging of manufacturer respectively in the standard package. Special packaging because of the transportation difficulty or upon request of the customer is charged separately, if additional cost is made to Vendor side.

4. Transportation terms

The vendor prices are considered to be FCO vendor’s warehouse at Ilica 431 Zagreb, Croatia or otherwise as stated in the offer.

Transport of goods from the warehouse to the destination specified by the customer shall be borne by the customer unless otherwise agreed.

5. Delivery terms

Once the Goods exit vendor’s warehouse all risks are going to the customer account. Any damage or losses shall be reported by the customer to the concerned shipper.

6. Warranty and spare parts

Vendor transfers the original manufacturer’s warranty conditions to the buyer. All the goods for which there is no manufacturers guarantee, vendor gives its own warranty depending on the type of product or service. Vendor agrees to provide spare parts for sold products during their lifecycle.

7. Payment terms

Payment terms are determined in concluded contract.

Customer will carried out payment before delivery of the goods. Such specific payment applies unless otherwise stipulated in the contract. Vendors shall, on late payment charge the purchaser a legal default interest and stop the delivery of goods to settlement of debts of the customer.

For delivery more than 30 days the vendor will charge interest on the paid amount to customer in the case from more than 30 days  to delivery, all under the Law on the Protection of vendor.

We reserve the right to change the terms of sale and price without prior notice.

Zagreb, 25.09.2014.



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